Die Stille Liebe

EM 1006-7 Rune Lindblad - front

This lovingly curated double disc retrospective of previously unreleased works by the Swedish electronic pioneer Rune Lindblad (1923-1991) is a difficult listen, it must be said, but the jarring, ugly, tuneless music captured here gives an interesting insight into the world of a man who in some circles (fairly obscure ones admittedly) is lauded as one of the true giants of twentieth century music. Lindblad, in his early years, worked in isolation, seemingly unaware of the conflict between the Cologne school of electronic music, championed by Stockhausen and Koenig, and the Paris school of musique concrete, of which Henry and Schaeffer were leading exponents. In 1956, prompted by a sudden awareness of these workstreams, both of which could be compared to his own compositions, Lindblad put on a concert of musique concrete in Gothenburg, together with Bruno Epstein and Sven-Eric Johansson.”